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Arema FC

Arema Football Club is an Indonesian football team based in Malang, East Java. It is one of the most supported and successful football clubs in Indonesia. They currently play at the Indonesian top league, the Indonesia Super League (ISL).

The Arema Culture
The Arema is born out of the pride of the citizens of Malang. With the desire to establish themselves as a famous and a high nobility society, the people (especially the teenagers) of Malang participated in all kinds of activities (which includes boxing, rock music and athleticism) to help establish the Malang as one of the famous societies in Indonesia.

Arema is also the name of an Indonesian/Javanese legend, Kebo Arema who is thought to originate from Malang. Due to this fact, "Arema" became a relevant name to be used for the culture and identity of Malang.

Arema is a professional club based in Malang, East Java. Initially the team was born on August 11, 1987 on the basis of the initiative Acub Zaenal, founder of the birth Galatama club, this is called Aremada, which is a combination of local clubs and 86 Malang Arema Fleet. But that name can not be lasting. A few months later changed to Arema 86.

Efforts to maintain the club 86 Arema Galatama undergone many obstacles, even the team that was expected to take part in the arena began Galatama VIII stumbled because of difficulties in funding. From here, along with his son Lucky Acub Zaenal, then took over and tried to save Arema 86 in order to survive.

Arema name was changed to 86 Arema and set the foundation on August 11, 1987 in accordance notarial document Pramu Haryono SH No. 58. Since then, held a preparatory Arema began as a professional team. Whether it's about his team's squad and facilities for all players and ofisialnya.

Achievement club Arema on Indonesian football countless ups and downs. That's because the club depends on the financing of the main constraints. Understood not only because the club "Red Plate", so do not get budget funding. However, crown their champions had won Galatama the 1992/93 season.

Since follow Liga Indonesia, a combination competition Amateur and Galatama, Arema been recorded seven times in the second round. However, financial constraints continue to squeeze the club trip, until eventually acquired ownership by PT Bentoel Internasional Tbk in mid-season 2003.

As a result of the financial crisis that was made Arema down caste in division one. But with the new financial strength, Arema only one season in division one and re-promotion to the status as champion. Since then the performance was stable Arema to penetrate the Super League, the highest caste of competition in the country for the first time this season rolling.


Arema plays up to 30,000 capacity's Kanjuruhan Stadium in Malang . In the past they played at the Gajayana Stadium, Malang for AFC Champions League matches.

The club's supporters who call themselves as the Aremania are considered to be one of the most fanatic supporters among all of the Indonesian football clubs supporters. Apart from their home base city, the club fans are spread all around the country. In 2000 & 2006, the Aremania has been awarded as The Best Indonesian Football Supporters by Football Association of Indonesia.


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