Jumat, 26 November 2010

Persema Malang

Persema, an acronym for Persatuan Sepak Bola Malang is an Indonesian football club based in Malang. They play in the top division in Indonesian football, Indonesian Super League. In media, tautology Persema Malang is often used.


Although Persema established since 1953, former United soccer team lunge this one is actually losing prestige of his hometown team one Arema Malang. Cause, because the achievement is not inscribed sementereng these young brothers. One again, funding sources still rely on local budget funds, Malang.Since appearing in the arena of Indonesian League 1994/95 season, the best achievement of the team nicknamed "Laskar Ken Arok" ranked only fourth in Group D in the 1998/99 season. The rest, Persema always in the middle of the board and not rare even in the bottom board.

This team had been thrown into division one season in 2003. Two seasons in a second-level competition, back Persema promotion to first division after entering one of six major divisions. But, they failed to win a ticket to the Superliga this season because it only ranked 13th East region. In the first division this season performances, achievements Persema spelled bad. Of the 18 matches they have played, this team successfully recorded 13 victories with incised 40 points and is ranked second while the region II standings.

Unfortunately, they step in the Copa Indonesia is not as smooth as expected. Because, in the last 16 of the prestigious tournament that brings the three teams from different castes, Persema've had to deal with one national football giants Persipura Jayapura Youth career Jayapura.

Predictably, Persema failed cruised into the next round and had to bury his dream to continue its success in this prestigious tournament. Of the two meetings with Persipura Jayapura Youth career, always fail to subdue Persema Superliga champion and the first edition of the 5-1 aggregate defeat. Their home stadium is Gajayana Stadium[1].


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